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How to exploite projector
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Recommendations on Operation
of Multimedia Projectors

1. Projection lens
Should be cleaned periodically. For projection lens cleaning should be used only a soft dry cloth and a non-abrasive camera lens cleaner. Avoid using an excessive amount of cleaning agent and do not apply the cleaner directly to the lens. Abrasive cleaning agents, solvents and other caustic chemicals will damage the lens!

Lightly wipe the cleaning cloth over the lens in circular motion. When your projector is turned off please obligatory cover the lens with the cap.

Warning - it is explicitly prohibited to turn on the projector with the lens covered, as it may damage LCD-matrixes or DLP-chip of your projector.

2.Air filter
An air filter (if it is foreseen by the design of your projector) catches dust and the other particles in the air preventing dust formation on the projector lens and projector mirror surfaces. If the filters become clogged the efficiency of the cooling fans is then decreased which consequently leads to overheating of the projector’s inner components and reduces its service life. Bridged filters prevent cooling of the projector to the required temperature. Projector air filters require cleaning once in 50 - 100 hours of work (depending on a model and a manufacturer – see Operation Manual of your projector).

Air filters can be cleaned with a brush, a vacuum cleaner (on low power obligatory), or it can be washed from dust and dirt (only if the latter is mentioned in your Operation Manual). Before cleaning air filters please obligatory turn off your projector and disconnect power cable from the socket. Once the air filter is positioned back, make sure it tightly fits.

Warning - it is strictly prohibited to operate the projector with the air filters removed. The DLP-chip or LCD-matrixes and the mirror will be covered with dust, which will cause low image quality and malfunctioning of your projector. Do not permit ingress of any objects into the projector’s fan slots. That may result in damaging of your projector.

Warning -it is explicitly prohibited to place the projector on a tablecloth or any other soft fabric, as it may cause blockage of your projector’s vents. Locate the projector in a well-ventilated area without any obstructions to intake or exhaust vents.
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It is not recommended to operate a projector in dusty and smoke containing areas. Such conditions do not favor high quality images. In case a projector is operated in such areas dust is accumulating on the LCD panels / DLP-chip and the lens, and its shadow is being projected on the screen together with the image. In case the a.m. symptoms appear, apply to an official dealer or service center for projector cleaning.

While choosing the video equipment it is necessary to take into account, that a conventional VHS video recorder has the maximal resolution of only 240 TV lines (TVL), S-VHS video recorders and video cameras - 400 TVL.

For the high quality reproduction of a video signal it is strictly recommended to acquire a DVD-player with component (Y, Pb, Pr)and/or HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output and progressive scan not lower than HDTV 720ð Standard ( we recommended 1,080ð).
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3.Projection lamp
Any projection lamp has limited life time (in average – 1,500 – 2,000 hours and manufacturing guarantee for a lamp is usually 30 – 180 calendar days - depending on a model and a manufacturer - from the date of purchase*) and closer to the end its brightness is noticeably decreasing. To prolong the lamp life time it is necessary to let it cool down properly while turning off your projector. For that please strictly follow the projector’s shut down procedure described in your Operation Manual . Please in any case wait until the built-in projector’ fans are stopped.

Only after that your projector can be disconnected from the socket. Violation of the projector disconnection proper order considerably reduces the lamp life time as well as may damage your projector.

It is strictly prohibited to turn on during the first 3 hours a projector, carried from the cold area into the warm room.

Please note – practically all the projection lamps are end-user replaceable.

Warning - Place your projector only in a horizontal position. It is strictly forbidden to establish a deviation angle of the projector more than adjusting feet of the device allow as it may end in blowing up of the projection lamp.
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4. Power Supply
Having taken into account the current local electricity supply conditions and in order to avoid damaging of the expensive projection lamp it is highly recommended to supply power via Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS). It should be at the minimum – line-interactive type (on-line type is advisable).

In highlands conditions (El. > than 1500m above the sea level) power supply via UPS is compulsory - to let the supplier fulfill his guarantee obligations.

Follow these instructions to help ensure image quality and lamp life over the life of the projector. Failure to follow these instructions may affect the warranty.
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5.*Rights of a customer on WARRANTY SERVICE are abolished in the following cases
1.Usage of the equipment claimed against by a Customer;

2. Provision of works not stipulated in the Operation Manual for that particular model of equipment;

3. Repair of the equipment delivered on one’s own;

4. Disassembly or any other outside interference in the construction of the device without a special permission of the Supplier’s representative;

5. Admittance to operation of the equipment of the non-trained personnel;

6. Mechanical damage of the equipment and traces of influence of the chemicals not stated in the Operation Manual for that particular device;

7. Malfunctions caused by non-provision of the operational parameters of power supply and necessary environmental conditions stated in the Operation Manual;

8. Malfunctions caused by force major circumstances (fire, natural disasters, etc.)
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