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SMART Classroom Suite Interactive Learning Software

SMART Classroom Suite interactive learning software is an integrated software suite designed specifically for teachers and students to use in a computer-enabled classroom. It combines SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software, SMART Sync™ classroom management software, SMART Notebook SE (Student Edition) software and SMART Response™ CE interactive response software.

Create more engaging lessons

With SMART Classroom Suite software, teachers can efficiently manage their classrooms and deliver lessons. And its easy-to-use lesson creation tools help teachers prepare engaging multimedia lessons. Each component of SMART Classroom Suite has an intuitive interface that enables teachers and students to get started right away. Teachers can also easily access the SMART Exchange™ website from the toolbar with one touch to find great lessons from other teachers or to share their own.

Teach using multiple strategies

Support whole-class, small-group and individual learning by switching from one style of instruction to another – all with one integrated software suite. And with the student-computer management tools, teachers have a thumbnail view of each computer screen in the class to help keep students focused on learning. 

Help students stay organized

SMART Classroom Suite encourages students to participate in learning by enabling them to take notes, create digital material and organize their files any way they like.

Proactively assess student progress

Because SMART Response CE software is part of the suite, teachers can have immediate insight into student performance using spontaneous or planned assessments and by inserting a variety of question types into any lesson. Teachers can instantly capture and graph the results, so they know when to review a concept or give students extra help.     

  SMART Technologies ULC Equipment
SMART Learning Suite
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