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Projection Distance Calculator
Projection Size/Distance

Use the possibilities of On-line Projection Size/Distance Calculators offered by the digital projection equipment manufacturers, whose products Firm Alpha CO., LTD has honor to officially represent on the local and regional markets

A Projection Size/Distance Calculator is an effective tool to determine:

  • How far away from your projection screen you will need to place your projector. Calculate the max/min projection distance by desired screen size (width x height or diagonal)
  • What size screen you will require. Calculate the screen size (width "x" height or diagonal) by known projection distance. Please note - this calculation depends on your projector model and how far you will position your projector away from the screen.
  • Which optional lens (if your projector has this option) you may need to provide the required size screen and projection distance.

While using Projection Size/Distance Calculator please note that a list of offered to your attention digital projectors and lenses may in many cases include EOL (discontinued) models. As well as not all the projectors and lenses listed in a calculator are currently available for purchase in EMEA region.

If you are using a calculator to decide which lens or projector to purchase, please contact our Sales Department to make sure that an item is available.

Please also keep in mind that the calculated value may have a some margin of error as well as the fact due to manufacturing variances, the throw distances of some projectors may not exactly match the results in the Projection Calculator.

While using a Calculator please ensure that you use the same metrics in your measurement inputs.


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