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We are pleased to assist you to find the right projection lamp for your digital projector. At your disposal is the choice from all models of Mitsubishi, NEC and Panasonic multimedia projectors, for which we are able to offer you the appropriate projection lamp. A projection lamp will be offered to you regardless of whether your projector is a current model or a discontinued one (equipment manufacturers usually provide access to lamps and other accessories and spare parts for digital projectors for 5 years after the termination of production).

In case you were not able to find the desired lamp, please send your query to our Sales Department. We will do our best to find a matching spare lamp for you.

Price list on spare lamps for Mitsubishi Digital Projectors

Price list on spare lamps for NEC Digital Projectors

Projection Lamps - FAQ

Projection Lamps - FAQ

  1. The projector image seems dimmer than usual - what does this mean?

  2. It may be time to replace your projector`s lamp. With metal halide (high pressure mercury) lamps, you`ll notice a dimming of the image brightness as the lamp loses power. All projectors have a lamp usage timer, accessible via the menu system of the unit.
  3. How many hours will my projector`s lamp work?

  4. Just like any light bulb you would use for another purpose, projection bulbs have an expected operating time in standard mode, called lamp life time. This value is expressed in number of hours - typically 2000 to 3000 hours. Some models have 4000 hours of lamp life time and more. There is also ECO mode of lamp usage, in which the light output of the lamp is artificially reduced, resulting in extended lamp life. Currently, the service life of the projection lamp in economy mode can reach 10,000 hours. The service life of the specific lamp can differ from the one declared by the manufacturer depending on the specific usage conditions of the projector. These include temperature, pollution of the environment, altitude, frequency of turning the device on and off, etc. The warranty for the lamp is usually from 2-3 months to 1 year since the sale/startup of the equipment, depending on the model and the manufacturer.
  5. What can I do to help my projector`s lamp last longer?

  6. Do not allow the projector to become overheated. The number one cause of lamp failure is excessive heat. Follow the instructions in the user manual for powering down the projector to ensure that the projector has had an adequate cool-down period.

    Operate your projector in a clean, relatively dust-free environment. Clean air filters regularly, if those are available by the design of the model.

    Utilize the "economy mode" if it is available for your projector model.

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